Odd Fellows Market is a pop-up, open air makers-market located along historic St. Clair Street in Frankfort, KY.  Organized by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Capital Lodge, The Market is held each month through the summer. Established in 2017, the Market primarily serves as a platform for Frankfort community businesses, local artists, and nonprofits, The Market attempts to highlight the many talented and creative people in our community in a fun and unique event setting.

To make The Market possible, St. Clair Street from Main to Broadway will be temporarily closed to traffic.  The Street will be lined with vendor booths, and the street scape transformed. Vendors are asked to join us and sell their creations with preference given to local businesses.  Additionally, a biergarten will be set up for patrons to enjoy on the street. Live music from local bands will round out each event.

The Market is a way for the Odd Fellows Capital Lodge to support our community and give back. Through this forum for community development we are able to support small start-ups to more established businesses build their clientele base and expose their products and services to new audiences.  One tenant of Odd Fellowship is to “elevate the character of mankind” and we hope The Market will help build a stronger and more vibrant community.   Please contact us for more information about The Market as we work to develop the 2018 series.

This event is free, open to the public with fun activities for children and pet friendly.


Historically, “markets” were affairs held in the community center or “downtown.” Here local farmers and product makers could bring their goods to sell and enjoy socializing. Sometimes these markets coincided with the monthly meeting of the local court and continue to be known as Court-Days.

Frankfort once had a dedicated structure that served as the shared community Market House, and stood in the middle of what was then known as Market Street, now Broadway in front of the Old Capitol.  Space for the market is perhaps one reason why the street was indeed so broad.   Eventually the train line used the broad Market street to their advantage to run a rail line through Frankfort, and Downtown commercial structures were constructed to house businesses that developed into the downtown commercial district. In fact, the former Odd Fellows Lodge on St. Clair St. still bears the name Market Square for the long time grocery that occupied the space.

Today, this historic tradition continues on in the form of  the Market, where the very best creations and services of our community can be laid out for purchase in an enjoyable social environment.



The Market is designed to showcase local artists, makers, non-profits and businesses.  By charging low fee, we create a venue for many potential businesses that can not yet afford a brick-and-mortar location, or vend at larger marketplaces.  We promote a wide variety of vendors and give preference to those from Frankfort and the surrounding region. At the Market, you will find vendors from all walks of life and a great forum to generate awareness, build public interest, develop a customer base and make all important sales.


We believe strongly in community and the power of people helping people.  One proven community development tool of recent years has been the power of public space to bring communities together. We intend to provide a venue where a corridor of historic commercial buildings, vendors and people, can interact without the interference of automobiles in a unique setting.  By closing St. Clair St, we hope to make a pedestrian-safe environment where people of all ages can congregate in an enjoyable setting to interact with their community in one of Frankfort’s most unique streetscapes.  At the Market you will experience a space transformed from a typical thoroughfare to a community space with people of all ages, families, pets, and people safely biking to and from the venue.


Frankfort has many amazing cultural institutions, social services groups, artisans and craftsmen.  We hope the Market will give these groups increased exposure. Non-profit vendors are allowed to participate for free with booths dedicated at each event to local initiatives. In fact, we hope to partner with many of these groups to help develop the Market.  We know the Market will be a venue to foster discussions in our community that will create growth, build new business, and provide an avenue for outreach and education.