The Market requires a great deal of preparation and many volunteers to coordinate.  We always have need of help with the program.  Interested in Volunteering?  See below what help we need for the next Market.


During Setup
In preparation for each Market, we need help Directing vendors to their booth locations; helping vendors unload materials and getting set up; setting the stage area, setting up tables, trash receptacles, and much more.

During Event
With anticipated attendance to grow with each event, we need help tracking, assisting in answering questions; reporting problems; directing participants to restrooms, polling attendees; taking out trash; replacing trash bags as needed; and generally helping maintain decorum during the event.

After Event
The most important part of The Market is insurance every attendee and vendor has a great experience, but also that our beautiful downtown is maintained.  We need lots of help to quickly breakdown each event and return St. Clair Street to its pre-set up appearance.  Collecting trash, breaking down storage receptacles, helping vendors break-down and pack-up, conducting “sweeps” of the event area, and generally cleaning up of the event location is important.


If you are a stellar social media user, we need your help, our goal is to help market the local vendors to an ever growing audience and postings on our social media are important for our vendors and promoting The Market.  We would love to have your help posting to our online presence (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

Please contact us here if you would like to Volunteer at The Market.